New Rodney Howard Browne Video and Testimonial

Dear Mr. Rodney Howard Browne Here comes a testimony from tree boys from Norway. In May 2006 we were going to your Calling All Evangelists conference.(first we got hit by The Fire in Stockholm).When we left from Norway all of us were broke and we had only depts., but we had hungry harts. Maybe you can remember us Jon Sjoli,Per Sjoli(the Sjoli brothers)and Eigar Langso.(the holy rolers?)Jon Sjoli has a vision about big trucks getting food, clothes and the word of God out to a lost and dying world. As God told him, “not from the people to the people, but from God to the people”. He had the driving licence for big trucks, but he needed all the papers to start a own truck company. After The Fire hit him things has happened. Now as I writ to you he has all his papers and nearly a new truck. Whit this truck he is working for a Christian company. Per Sjoli was bankrupt (whit one million Norwegian kroners in depts) and had a bad working situation. The Fire hit him too and when he came home he got offered a new job in a christian company, and now he is out of depts. And now you maybe think; what about Mr. Langso. Well here it comes. A short time before we were in Tampa God told me to quit my job whiteout knowing anymore than that. I had no money and had only depts and no value. As you know by now The Fire hit me too. When I came home I started to help my brother whit building cottages in the mountains in Norway. Then suddenly I was offered a property for my self to build my own cottage on. God started to talk to my pastor about helping me financially, and now the finances is in order.I have started my own company, and I am building my own cottage. When the cottage is finished I am going to sell it. Then I can pay out my depts. and have overflow.

All this has happened after we were in Tampa 2006. I know that it is The Fire and The Anointing who has done this, and we are so grateful for the way you treated us during our stay in your church. The Fire started to burn inside of us and we know that it will not stop until we are at home in heaven. I know that God will do great things in Norway and all Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. The Fire burns inside for a reason and that reason is to bring the harvest in for God. I believe that The Fire will make us millionaires, not to have it for ourselves. No, the gospel must go out to all nations and the harvest shall be taken in for God. We need people that don’t hold on to their money, but longs for sowing it out so the gospel can come out. Our harts is whit you, your ministry and your family. We are so grateful for what God has done thru you ministry and we bless you from all our harts. May God be whit you whit all his power, glory and fire. It was a great privilege for us to have James McCurry and Debbie Rich visiting here in Norway. Many big greetings from us guys in Norway.