New Rodney Howard Browne Video and Testimonial

Hi, There is nothing like the Joy of the Lord. Since I became a real Christian in 1995 through the Joy I have had such a hunger a real painful crying out to God, getting frustrated why it was pretty low key if I was lucky in the UK. But thanks to and your ministry for keeping that hunger going in me. I don’t think I ever gave up and I might say that I thought the hunger would kill me at one point. I even ashamed as I am to say this thought of ending it all. On Tuesday 21/08/07 I was on my way to a local prayer meeting at work and the Joy of the Lord poured on me such Joy it was amazing absolutely amazing it was Him alright ( Jesus ) and I couldn’t believe it that the Joy was pouring out. I thought I was going to drop in the middle of Victoria Street in London and start laughing till the cows home. Brilliant absolutely brilliant. How I managed to stay upright I will never know. Thanks you Revival for keeping me going even when I almost gave up on the Joy of Jesus ever coming back. My prayers requests have been answered thankyou thankyou thankyou and thankyou. Thank you Jesus for your mercy and Love I cant live or function without you and dear Jesus keep on pouring on that Joy my Lord and Savior on me and on America. I love you Mighty King. God Bless you and I love you and go Change the world through Gods Spirit.

I had written earlier i had been to nasik in north India. i ministered at 2 churches and 3 meetings. i had been given only 1 hour. but out of 28 people 25 people had laughing anointing . in one evening conference about 35 people were there. almost every one had laughing anointing. today pastor from nasik called me to say that a believr who attended my meeting was laughing the whole night, he is a Hindu convert. i praise God for His fire work in India also. i thank you for the impartation to me. last Sunday i had been to a small church here . the pastor started laughing first.tomorrow i am gooing to another church believing Lord do the fire work there also.