New Great Awakening Video

My husband and I attended the Great Awakening in New Orleans and went witnessing with your teams. On Tues. night I was in Mobile, Ala. at a Krystal’s having a coke with my grandson. There were 4 other people in there. Suddenly a women pulled up, came in very distraught and walked straight up to me. She said she had just caught her husband in bed with another women, that she had a gun and that she was afraid she was going to kill him. I got her to come with me to a secluded table. She was very upset and kept saying she could not believe she was telling me all this stuff. She had gotten saved when she was a child and filled with the spirit. She thought that she could only pray in the Spirit “when the Spirit moved on her”. So she had only done that 2 times in her life. She was backslidden and 42 years old. I led her to the Lord and she received her prayer language. I shared with her she can do that anytime. She looked like a totally different person after she prayed. She left for another city. I called her today and she is with another sister in the Lord. This has affected my life. There was such desperation, she came out of nowhere

Last year at the summer camp meeting, I got knocked over under the Power of God so that my family could be saved. Since then, both my daughters have been saved, my nephew has rededicated his life to Christ while sobering up at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in San Jose, California, and, last night as I was talking to my mom on the phone, she told me that she gave her life to Christ on Easter Sunday, 2004 at Calvary Chapel in Garden Grove, California. I asked her if she went to the altar and she said ‘yes’! Praise be to God, Ancient of Days. Hallelujah! And it was just yesterday, I believe, that I was asking God to help me envision people in my family being saved and living a different life. A Prophetic Word from this morning: God is in the midst of separating the chaff from the wheat.