New Great Awakening Video

Rodney prophesied over my husband I think back in 94 when he was in St. Louis that even though he had to close his church down because it was in a impoverished area and it kept getting vandalized that God was going to restore him back into a church and it would be much greater than the one he lost. That was many years ago and since that prophesy we have been evangelizing all over ST. Louis in Gas stations, Wall-Marts , parking lots, sidewalks and seeing people being brought back to the Lord but ever longing for the fulfillment of that Prophesy. We also worked with St. Peter’s Catholic church and God set some Catholics on fire and they with our leading began having “Healing Services” in which we were able to lay hands upon the sick and we saw many Catholics get healed! We also saw over 500 of them pray a salvation prayer!

All the while Steve was putting out applications to churches needing a Pastor. He obeyed God and submitted his application to a Baptist church even though we are both Holy Spirit filled and now he has his Pastorate back in fulfillment to the Prophesy. We have a vision to have a county-wide crusade to win the lost and work with the Baptists in and around Champaign, Il. to do it. We also have a vision to take teams of anointed people into the local university in Charleston, Il and Mattoon, Il. and get the students saved! We believe God for 1 Billion souls and laborers who will work with us to bring in the harvest.