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I got an opportunity to witness to my friend again. I have talked to her for about over 3 to 4 months and she just kind of gives me the run around. But today after soul-winning training and even after our time dedicated to just doing so. God gave me the opportunity to witness to my friend again, but using the method given, and she said the prayer with me. I know she meant it with her heart because halfway through reading it she teared up a bit. Nonetheless she read it and accepted Christ in her heart. What took me almost 5 months, she accepted Christ within minutes with this method!!! The harvest is so ripe!! This was my first time witnessing to others, and I led five people to the Lord. The script makes it so easy.

We are now members there because we needed some relief. Pastor Dan Backens is a man of God. WE are being obedient and in faithful, trusting Jesus to provide for us. My son has exhausted all of his savings. The land we are called to is the last great bastion on the Eastern Shore. It may look barren but God has plans. The wealthy investors and developers have built two golf course, a marina, and million dollar home sites. God is wanting my family to take this land. He said this is the Nico Generational Family Legacy. My son like Abraham is believing God for his future wife and children as he is not married yet. The Lord loves families, and wants us to reach out and heal the broken hearted. Jesus has compassion on the poor black children and the hispanic migrant workers. He has given me his heart to serve. The church locally does not have eyes for the Lord. The retirees, baby-boomers, and locals make up this land. The people come here to fish, sail, and hunt. There is no industry-no really big business, except for Blue Crab Bay and Tyson Chicken about 50 miles away but no real large industries. In Cape Charles where I live we have one Food Lion, and one Dollar General store. In the towns up the shore they have more shopping than we do. WE have specialty stores on the marina. God wants this place to prosper but he wants to give the land to us. For the wealth of sinner is laid up for the just and for Kingdom purposes. My son has tried to start a business and he wants to buy a ministry/business to support the Gospel and our missionary outreach. I know we can build, plant, pull down, and pour our hearts, lives, and wealth into this land. God showed me that when revial hits it is not the locals but those from the outside that will come at first; (a team) will come to help us. This ministry will start by the internet first using the techno/media as an outreach to a lost generation. Our calling is unique and so is our family but we know it is God’s ministry. I just wanted you to know us and if possible hopeful we can speak with you. We would like to invite you to come and visit the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Selomiti C
Not known Hawaii United States

New Great Awakening Video

I led five people to the Lord. I prayed for the uncle of a relative. I prayed with one guy and the anointing hit both of us.

First of all I just want to thank you with all of my heart for allowing God to touch me and all of the other countless people who have been touched by the fire from heaven. I watch the Chronicle of Revival every single day sometimes when I have a day off I watch for hours and hours sometimes up to 6 hours at a time, and every time the anointing is fresh, you have stirred in my heart a hunger to see people everywhere I go to be touched by the fire of heaven. I am so thankful for Revival Ministries International it has blessed my life in so many ways, thank you. I wasn’t going to write this but I felt impressed by the Holy Ghost to write this, about 3 months ago I had a dream and in this dream I saw Pastor Rodney and he was on TRL (This is a television show on MTV) and he was standing there by the host of the show and the host was asking Pastor Rodney questions and as he was asking questions the fire of God fell on all of the people in the room in a very powerful way, it seemed so powerful that it was almost strange, but in a good way, the only way I know how to explain it is it was like people were sitting there and then all of a sudden the people began to feel as if the very atmosphere was changing, many were not even expecting but suddenly the anointing of God was so heavy that many didn’t know if they were in a dream or if this was really happening.

When this happened in the room the glory of God seemed to flood out of the room onto the street of downtown New York and there was thousands of people, many of them were holding signs and as they stood there it was much like I have always imagined the first outpouring in Acts 2, The very wind of heaven blew through the people (and it make a loud noise), many fell upon their faces others were crying, some were laughing, but most were crying and shaking on the ground, after this I noticed that I was looking through a T.V. screen and as I was watching the same thing that was taking place in down town New York was happening to every person who was watching MTV, people in their homes were shaking under the convicting power of God, many young people with the darkness of hell upon them were being hit with the glory from heaven, but it wasn’t a manifestation of joy for most, but it was more of a powerful convicting force of God that cause most who were watching to begin weeping uncontrollably and to cry out.

After this I was back in the room with Pastor Rodney were and they were asking him questions and many in the room were laughing and lying on the floor under the power of God many of these people were in their teens. Im not really sure what all of it means, and I wasn’t going to share this dream because I thought, O Rodney Howard Browne, he’s probably really busy and im sure he gets stuff like this all the time and he may not even read this, but I felt led of the Holy Spirit to share what God showed me, God has given me dreams for other people and I have shared them and they meant something, and I believe that God has given me this dream for a purpose, even though I don’t understand fully what it is (but I guess thats how God works sometimes).

David W
Not known Florida United States

New Great Awakening Video

John W said he believed in Bhudda, but the Lord Jesus saved him. Joseph B said he was a Muslim and he goes to the Muslim temple. He got saved wonderfully. He will never again say “I am Muslim”; he is a child of God. A lady named Kelly C. She was an Iraqi American in the army. She came home and got saved.

We watch you on God tv from Sweden. I am originally from Florida and my husband is from Sweden. We are moving to Lake Placid Florida in September. We plan to attend your services. We are in a band called “Dark Valentine”, rock, black metal, gothic. We are Christians and know that we have a calling on our lives…to save the lost, lay hands on the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. We thank you for the Fire of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit that we feel as we have watched every night of the camp meeting. Thank you for doing what you do for the Kingdom of God. On a personal note…my tubes are tied and we are claiming our baby even though it is not possible. God can do all things. We appreciate any prayer that you can send our way. We look forward to meeting you. We want God’s perfect will for our lives and we are open to whatever He has for us and we know He will direct our paths. We are newlyweds by the way! Now may The Holy Spirit move in a mighty way in and through you in Jesus name and may God bless you.

Not Known
Not known Hawaii United States

New Great Awakening Video

I first came to the river for a holy spirit weekend last November, then i came to the winter camp meeting where i attended every service, had very little sleep and had a bit of a rollercoaster ride, up one minute and down the next, in short it was both a wonderful and a painful experience. I then returned for 7 services of the summer camp meeting. I could only make seven of the services because i was on holiday with three others and they had other plans and there was only one car and also we were situated in a four bedroom villa in new port Richey.(new port richey is crying for a touch of God) Anyway to get to my point,to my astonishment when i attended the summer camp meeting i was completely changed inside, God has done an astonishing work in me that i think may have changed my life forever. I work in a small ministry serving God helping the homeless, drug addicted, alcoholics and girls caught up in prostitution and we are seeing signs wonders and miracles and many asking Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Since my first visit to the river last November we have witnessed a big increase in what God is doing and i give Him praise and every last drop of the glory for He is so worthy to be praised. I would also like to thank pastors rodney and adonica on a personal level their words and teachings have created a hunger for God inside my heart that has increased my desire to serve Jesus and play my own small part in helping to reap the harvest. I thank God and i thank everybody at the river because i have been blessed by you all. warmly in Christ Jesus our Lord. THANKYOU.