Update On Soul Winning in PA

Another update on what God is doing in Ambler, PA. My pastor, John Hanlon was prophesied over by Pastor Rodney “If you don’t bring the fire of God to Philadelphia, who will?” They almost came to Tampa but then God gave them a church who operates in the 5 fold ministry. A person got healed after walking into the church during a service. Pastor John spoke the word and a woman was healed from a blood disease attacking her baby, as was prayed the doctor said “I can’t explain it, but there’s NO TRACE of it in your blood.” Several people’s knees healed, carpal tunnel healed – no need or surgery, hip pain healed-could barely walk-was prayed for before left to soul win and the pain left as she won souls, stomach pain & GERD healed. The Church of Acts sent me here to RBI 2006-07 and when I got back to PA I was asked to head up evangelism for the church so I am doing so. Lisa H. gave me a whole bunch of supplies when I was in Dix Hills, NY with the team, this was an answer to my prayer asking God for supplies to soul win! It is a small church, 20 or so on a good day, and growing! In five times going out since mid-June, and people in their every day lives having caught the fire, we have led 78 people to the Lord! As my Pastor jokes, more than 3 times the size of the church! We use the Spanish script and survey a lot.

One guy said he wasn’t even supposed to be there in town that day. I led one Spanish speaking woman to the Lord while my friend played with her children, then I spoke with the children using the Spanish script and when it came time for the prayer, I asked Momma to come and she led her children to the Lord, 5-6 years old. Many youth are getting saved, they are hungry, some have never heard that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their life, then they get saved. I have been persecuted, just like RBI taught, mostly from the religious people, one especially IN the church, totally manifested and still is at times, please PRAY for her freedom, it is horrible and makes me sick to my stomach. After RBI it is true that you can spot religion from a mile away!!! I am constantly shooting down baby cows, full grown cows, PRAY FOR PENNSYLVANIA! And pray for the baby Christians too, that we do all we can as a church to ‘Go ye and make disciples of the nations, teaching them all Jesus taught us’ I see soul winning and discipleship as equally important to the Lord, and since we are a church in town where the people live and we lead them to Jesus, I believe we are Jesus’ hands and feet, full of the Holy Spirit, and must do all we can to care for them, all Spirit led, but not neglecting them!

This takes even more work, as we get into their messes and help them grow up into mature, on-fire believers! They don’t call us, babies don’t do that, we must go after them, it is God’s heart to make disciples and teach them all about Jesus, help them, encourage them, pray with them, as the Bible says they will know we are Christians by our love for one another. This is a huge burden on my heart, can you tell? More “mini- Pastors” and teachers in the church who’s gifting is such to help the babies grow up!!! Thank you for your prayers, I believe we need to have a new believers sort of fellowship in place so the babies have somewhere to go weekly and receive nourishment and encouragement, it is not hard when God raises up someone to do this, it will be God’s grace and gifting, that person’s part in the body of Christ, all working together in love. Otherwise, Sunday and Wed, meeting are not enough for them and usually baby Christians are not comfortable asking questions about God that may make them look stupid…they are shy like when young children are in a room full of adults. I want the new believers to have a place to go and feel comfortable asking those new believer questions, in addition to the church services! God can do it! Even if it is in a home, a neutral public place, could even be a restaurant for dinner…God is CREATIVE! I don’t think He much cares about the place but more the LOVE for the babies to help them grow up in Him, MULTIPLICATION! I thank God for The River Bible Institute, I came for faith for finances, evangelism by fire and joy and got all three in abundance! I plan to stay in touch with the good reports!

Recent Student Testimonies

rodney howard browne

The Christmas Outreach at the River Church that I was privileged to be a part of was incredible. I have been involved in other another church outreaches of the same comparable size as the River but the results were not the same.  To be able to lead someone to the Lord in their surroundings and be in the altar ministry and pray with them to receive the Holy Spirit and work in the food ministry to help feed them and then be able to bless their children with Christmas presents and watch them grow in the Lord and get out of poverty.  Where else in the world can you be a part of all of this and do each individual facet?  Only at the River of Tampa Bay!

I have been involved in other another church outreaches of the same comparable size as the River but the results were not the same. We would hold massive Christmas plays and musicals with many hours of hard work, designing and building sets and one week we led 22 people to the Lord and I thought that was the greatest week ever until arriving at the River.

We go to the people. We love them where they are at.  We go to their home and bring them to Christ. Because we are not worried about what people think, only about their eternal salvation.

The River is like no other place in the United States.  We have hundreds at the Altars every Sunday between the Main sanctuary and the Children’s Church. When we go on the street we reach hundreds for Christ, in a few hours.  But the best thing is watching them grow and seeing their smiling faces every Sunday. That is the greatest satisfaction that anyone could ever ask for.  To see someone that has been bound set free.  I am so blessed to be a part of the ministry of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne.


Gary J

New Great Awkening Video

In less than five years we could retire and never have to struggle or worry about money ever again. My husband is faithful he has learned to be a giver. He passed up that position Rodney and we moved to Virginia Later he said his eyes were blinded that being a financial man and very logical he said God must have blinded his eyes. My son David had gotten into agreement with me in prayer about his Dad moving to Virginia. By the way my son tried to contact you back in 2005 but your ministry staff either never relayed the message or responded. He wanted to come under your ministry as a market-place minister. So like a good mom I am writing on his behalf. Within a year my husband was supernaturally restructured right out of his corporate job and we moved permanently in 2006 to Virginia. He now works for CBN as a Financial Planner/working with Major Doners in the Planned Financial Giving Department. He is mobile with his office in our home working via the internet. Rodney I have had to fight!! We live in a very small town called Cape Charles where many wealthy business owners and developers have come in and bought up the land. The Eastern Shore of Virginia is on the Chesapeake Bay. REVIVAL WILL COME TO THE EASTERN SHORE of VIRGINIA. I am like a Mariah Woodworth Etter, a mother crying out to the Lord for the lost, revive and restore families dear Jesus save, deliver and heal Lord the children and women. Do you know that this land has never had revival? Why? 1. local politcal/pastors denominations small town control 2. the rich & famous developers high prices in real estate & greedy property owners squeeze out everyone 3. the poor black families who for generations may have been churched but because the leaders have no power the 4. Youth-drink, do drugs, and have more babies and have no desire for a good education 4. So-called believers-hypocritical who compromise are like white washed on the outside but inside are ravenous wolves killing the prophetic/true voice of the supernatural 5. and so the New Age false spirit of Anti-Christ posing as spiritual comes 6. kids are lost, families are broken-hearted because they have never experienced the love or fire of God or have everxseen signs/wonders displayed in the church 7. young people have no future here, they see the rich keep getting richer, and they are cheated out but most of all the children are the victims with no parents to defend them. God led me to drive over to the VA Beach side to find fellowship with a local church body and a Pastor at New Life-Providence.