Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Marchelle S Testimony

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While I was witnessing to two young men. The boy’s friend tried to pull him away and tell him that they don’t have time, but the boy (Mike)you could see in his eyes that he wanted to change. So regardless of what the friend was saying Mike stayed and received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Marchelle S
Maryland United States

What I Learned During “Matters of the Heart” With Pastor Adonica

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There are a lot words that I could use to describe this week. However, at this point all I can say is WOW! What a wonderful week. There are many things that I have learned over the course of the week listening to Pastor Adonica teach on “Matters of the Heart”.

One of the most important things that I came away with this week is that it is not always as important what you do that matters as it is why you are doing it. In other words it doesn’t matter how much stuff we do to be busy for God, the church, or others if our heart isn’t right then our motives aren’t pure and if our motives aren’t pure then all of our work and efforts are in vain.

I also learned that the best way we can make sure our heart gets right and stays right is to guard what goes in our heart. If we don’t allow junk to go in we will never see junk come out and we will assure that our motives remain pure.

I have recognized many things that create road blocks in our lives that if aren’t dealt with will quickly go from roadblocks to slick highways that will lead away from God. Some of these things include unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, strife, bad attitudes, and disobedience. These are all areas that we must take care not to allow to take root on the inside of us.

I have also realized this week that the main thing I have to understand is that I can’t help what other people do or don’t do I am only responsible for me and my actions. As long as I keep my heart pure, maintain my integrity, and always do what is right because it is right then I know God will always take care of me regardless of what other people do. Thanks to Rodney Howard Browne.

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | James M. J Testimony

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This was awesome! I went into Chickfila and save d 16 people. I then ran accross the street to a bustop and saved 6 people. I ran back to the mall we were at went into Chipolte and witnessed w/out the script. I was like thank you Jesus cuz the staff was spanish so I used my script to read the prayer to them. All 4 got saved plus the 7 people who were interested. Then the spirit moved me to go into Quiznos and there was a man in a chair who looked so angry. So I approached him, told him that “God loves you” and he just started to shake all over. He was yelling like crazy the fire of the Lord after I saved him. Then I felt the spirit tell me that we needed to find a liquour store. I witnessed to homeless people and saved 9 others for the kingdom.

James M. J
N/A Maryland United States

Great Awakening Tour City #34 Bristol County, Massachusetts

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My family and I went out on the streets and nursing homes during the Great Awakening. My 8 year old daughter and I (her name is Elizabeth and she is featured in your latest Great Awakening Tour video i.e. “Your a chicken”) came upon two Spanish men sitting in a park. I asked them the script questions. One gentleman was willing and the other was not. After praying the prayer with the man who was willing, I asked the one who was not if there was anything I could pray with him about. Surprisingly, he said yes. “I have stomach cancer” We layed hands on his stomach and in the name of Jesus cursed, cast out, and rebuked that stomach cancer. After we prayed, I felt led to tell him that when he goes back to see his doctor, call the church and tell whoever answers the phone who you are and what the doctor told you. A month later (yesterday) the church office received a phone call. He gave his name, told them a person named Dennis prayed for him and that he told him to call the church after seeing his doctor and to tell the receptionist what the doctor told him. “I saw the doctor. He did blood work, cat scans, and MRIs and was stunned!” “I cannot find any stomach cancer. I don’t know what to tell you. It is GONE!” The gentleman then matter of fact told our church secretary in his Spanish accent, “Well, I guess God healed me.” My church called me and I immediatly called him and led him to the Lord. I invited him to our next Sunday service to testify. The Church will be edified and encouraged to go out soul winning. Thank you all again for coming to Seekonk. I feel the warfare that comes against me as I go out every day in my small way, so I can imagine what things come against you. All I can say is ‘Joy, Joy, Joy, Fire! Fire! Fire! Amen

Dennis S
Providence Rhode Island United States

Great Awakening Tour City #33 Concord, New Hampshire

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I want to thank all of you for hearing God and coming up to New Hampshire in June. God used me and changed me in a big way that I never thought possible. I participated in the Nursing Home soul winning all week at my church. The boldness that God gave me and now continues to give blows my mind. Which is a very good thing. I wanted to let you know that we are now revisiting the Nursing Homes in New Hampshire and in our 1st visit on Tues. July 29th we had 56 salvations and 2 rededications to the Lord. Awesome!! We are still on fire and continue the flame. Thank you again for your obedience. We miss all of you! God bless you all abundantly! I just want to praise the Lord Jesus from all my heart for REVIVAL Ministries. Since God lead me to find out about this ministry I am blessed every single day by the power and word of the Holy Spirit. My heart is on fire for souls, and I go on the street of London an preach the Good News of Jesus with the power of God through revival Ministries. Thank You Jesus for giving Dr Rodney a heart and passion for souls.

Wendy T
Barrington New Hampshire United States