Winter Campmeeting | Charlie Hash Testimony

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What did camp meeting mean to me? I have always been someone who was scared to speak with other or even get to know them. I have consistently thought about what I said to them so that I would never have to hold my self accountable for something said wrong. Although this can be good in some case in others it really is not. I worked in 6-12 year old a few nights of camp meet-ing. I saw something about them being flaky and them not really lining up with the word of God. They for example were talking during worship and acting like they were under the fire of God when they weren’t. I soon told Mr. Tom and Mrs. Sue about this to bring it to there attrition and they there self noticed it too. I then was talk to about it by Mrs. Agatha. Then after I said that it has to be taught to them because they didn’t know better she agreed and asked me to speak. I did it before worship the next day. I was so rattled because I only have preached to 3 to 5 year olds in witch they are all smiles and are quick to hear. It’s a bit easier too but I talked to the 6 to 12 year olds. I was shaking and thought about what to say an do. After thinking I wrote it up and preached it to Granny Don and Mrs. Agatha who both agreed it was good. Then came the time to preach to the children. I took a big breath and went up. I told them what the Bible says and why they can’t fake being in the presence of God because they were disrespecting God. I told them that what ever they do they will reap. I then spoke to them about worship and how it was impor-tant. By this and seeing what happen later on when it came time to worship and Mr Tom to preach how different they were it made me fill more confident in sharing what was on my heart. I have really been crying out to change in that way. Then I got my chance. I will never be the same. I will always think before I say. But I know that because I have God and because he works through me I know that what I say that he gives me will be of him and change life in which is all I want to do.

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Lisa N Testimony

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I came first to go in Sviele for this then I felt I want to share this with an school and then I came to man and led 10 people to the Lord. The first time I ever went on the streets was in Gainesville a few weeks back with this ministry & then God placed? the desire in my heart to reach out to the lost. I came down(unreadable)to get further training & I am so excited for what God is going to do through me. I never would have dreamed this . I am shy & only by the grace of God I can do this. I saw so many hearts changed and it’s something (one should experience of lost once)

Lisa N
Florida United States

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Marcelo S Testimony

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One guy -Argentinan-I don’t talk about religion, he said he didn’t know if God existed” Read the gospel scripture references and then he received Jesus Christ then asked Pastor Ishmael to keep his sister in prayer Lady she thought Jesus would not forgive her because she had a hard time forgiving her parents. She forgave her parents then recommited her life to Christ.

Marcelo S
unknown Florida United States