Summer Camp Meeting – John H. Testimony

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This camp meeting allowed the people to come in one place to hear the sound that God was sending out to this generation. There was a sound of recommitment, rededication, and a sound for the hunger and fire of God which is needed to see a generation shaken by the power of God. People who came were healed, set free, and delivered. People were encouraged, corrected and comforted. Young men and women were able to see ministers flow in the gifts of the Spirit. There was a demonstration of healing, miracles, word of knowledge, diverse kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues that encouraged the body of believers.

The congregation as a whole was able to find relief, strength, and restoration in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Many people, amongst the body of believers were encouraged to come back to their first love. They were ignited to do more for the Kingdom of God and were strengthened by the joy of the Lord; people were encouraged to continue in the work of the ministry.

Summer Camp meeting 2010 was a camp meeting like no other. People were being touched from many aspects. There were so many dynamics of the spirit that were being released that it left us with a sense of fulfillment. The Word of God was going forth on a consistent basis, by the function of the Spirit. Healings were going forth by the power of the Spirit and strength went forth by the joy of the Lord!

I thank God that as a body, we were able to come together and fellowship and am a part of the great move the spirit. It was so great that many people’s lives have been radically changed. People who will go home and wake up with a burden for the lost and a hunger for the things of God!