Ministers Conference 2010 – Margarita J. Testimony

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At the recent “No Limits No Boundaries” 2010 Ministers Conference Brother Phil spoke about the 2020 plan that Coca Cola has, which is what they are projecting for the expediential growth and placement of their product through out the world by 2020.

There is also something called [The 200 count down] which is a business net work theory or system. The 200 count down proves out to having 2 or 3 out of every 200 who will succeed onward with great success. This caused me to realize something.

There are approximately 2000 RBI Alumni graduates so I began to get excited thinking if that theory were applied to the RBI Alumni there could be at the least 20 of the most successful amazing ministries that would be spread out through out the world.

Those ministries would be functioning with the same Holy Ghost powerful success that The River of Tampa Bay is experiencing resulting in the most amazing expediential growth and that would bring us very close to a very soon coming return of Jesus Christ.

The 2010 “No Limits No Boundaries” Conference has a had a profound impact on my life and many of the lives of those individuals following the conference of whom I know with out a shadow of a doubt will see far reaching results, results that will enlarge territories with numbers of new converts we will see the back sliders returning to there first love and sparked by the fires of Revival.  The end results will bring forth stable Christ Like character and much passion to light Holy Ghost Fires all the time and with a committed selfless life style of passion and purity.

God knew how long it would take for everyone to hear the message of the Gospel.  That’s what makes Over Land Missions so Phenomenal in how they are reaching into the far corners of the earth, the remote places and many times just to find the few or the handful who have not yet heard the Good News.  Amen!  How amazing and awesome God is!

I’m going deeper in Christ love, His love for me and my love for Him that comes from knowing Him personally and spending time getting to know Him more each and every day.  He is the purpose of my existence Jesus is the reason I live just like the song because He lives I can face tomorrow.  Amen!

This love that I’m experiencing is the richest most lavishing love that any one could ever experience, the perfect love that cast out fear and causes you to go beyond your own abilities and reaching beyond the boundaries that say you can’t.  God say’s you can!

God is encouraging me to stretch forth, and break forth beyond my own borders for business and ministry just like Jabez Prayed.  The conference confirmed things to me personally that are already happening and that I know in my heart.  Under the tent that God has provided for me to run a sales business there is coming to me many opportunities to preach the Gospel which is the ultimate true prosperity.  The Father leads me by the Holy Spirit to preach The Good News and pray for the sick.   I’m free In Christ to take the liberties that the Spirit of the Lord has given to me to proclaim the Gospel with no restrictions whatsoever.  Wow!  The “No Limits No Boundaries Conference” has given me a greater positive expectation for each new day!  Amen!  I thank God for enlarging my territory and to see the glimpses of all He is about to do in the earth!  It is an exciting time to be alive and nothing is going to hold me down!  The intensity of God’s hand and God’s presence on the 2010 Minister’s Conference has rocked my world.

Qaanita B. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Ministers conference 2010 was a phenomenal uplifting experience.  I am reminded more and more how it doesn’t matter the circumstances we facing or what is going on, when we enter into the presence of God and allow Him to touch us situations and opposition fade away.  He draws us in and wraps us in His arms, His love is an all consuming fire.

With God all things are possible, but without Him our race is empty and to no avail.  In God’s presence there is fullness of joy.  His promises for us are always yes and Amen.  God is waiting us on to call upon Him and to submit ourselves to Him so He can bless us, so He can prosper us.  When we allow God the opportunity to do the work then our lives are limitless, there are no boundaries and the increase is seen as the fruit in our lives.

We are reminded that it is not by might or power, but by the spirit of the Lord.  During ministers conference there were a lot of anointed men and women of God who came to share with us.  When we draw from the knowledge and the anointing upon their lives, however different then we become enriched with the goodness of God’s omnipotent power.  That same power is available to all, including you and I if we would receive and trust God with our lives.  For we have been bought with a price and really our lives are not our own.