Amber Testimony

God has been doing a lot in me, especially in the area of finances. Since coming to RBI I’ve become a faithful giver, and tither. And all I can say is every need has been met. I don’t have to strive for anything; it’s always there. Money for an unexpected bill, or need, it’s always there.  People come up to me and bless me all the time, sometimes with things I desperately have a need for and sometimes with things I just really wanted. God has blessed me. There was a time when I didn’t have much food but now I always have food, and every bill is paid. God blessed me with a great job, with great hours and pay. He has given my favor wherever I go. He has totally blessed my life. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to grab hold of this principal, because every believer should be living this way. You don’t to be living paycheck to paycheck.  Press in, the breakthrough will come, be faithful, and He will reward you. It’s funny because even people I work with, who don’t know the Lord have noticed the blessing of God on my life. I rely on Him, He is my father, my provider, and he takes care of me. Even when it looks like there’s no possible way for my needs to be met in the natural, he always comes through for me. And I know He always will.

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