Daniel Z. testimony

The way the Lord has touched me the most since I have come to RBI. I have always wanted to speak in tongues. I have pressed into the Lord many times to try speak tongues but I was never able to. On the 30th of August worship was coming to a close but I felt the desire to try to speak in tongues again. It was during the song “Let your fire fall.” I started to pray to God that I wanted to speak in tongues. So while praying I just started to focus all my attention on God.

I kept praying/singing “let your fire fall Lord, let your fire fall on me.” Then slowly I feeling of heat, of fire, came upon me. It started to feel like the inside of me was burning up. My hands began to shake, and the words that came out of my mouth were not English, at first it was a few short words then, came sentences, then it was like a stream of the heavenly language came pouring out of my mouth. I also believe that God was breaking me free from some things on that day. Since then I have been able to speak in tongues. Praise God…

Now being God, God could choose from a panorama of word pictures and examples to illustrate His love, to give the response to the children of Israel, to show them that their accusations were totally absurd and what did God do?

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