Eddie L. Testimony

First of all I want to say that I am amazed about the possibility to be in the middle of this great awakening. And even more knowing that this is going around not the world and only US.
I had a great expectation of what is going to happen but I have to admit that all what is happening in these night services goes beyond my expectations. I am so happy to see such a huge emphasis on sharing the gospel because that is important no matter what and it is so important to understand all those aspects of that.

Sometimes I have had some thoughts that I know all about saving the souls but I like that God makes humble by realizing how much it is about your heart and not what you know about it. It way more about your thirst and hunger for more of God and saved souls rather then something you can learn knowledge wise. To get this so personal to be as a passion and not a program. This statement is used so much but it is so important to get this as deep as possible in our hearts so we could get our lives around this.
At the same time God is speaking so lot of things about the things to change in my personality.

It is so amazing that the Ore you serve the more you can see what you have to change in your heart. Absolutely everything. Just to name few things my attitude, determination, dedication and serving in the flow. Sure there are even more but I found myself in a position to deal with these things at first. And I am so thankful that when you are ready to lay down everything at God’s feet He can really change your heart and everything you are dealing with. Hallelujah! Praised be the Lord!-Eddie L.

She speaks with wisdom (circle that phrase). She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

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