James M. Testimony

One night I just happened to turn on the television to the Great Awakening.  My spirit witnessed with what they were saying and how they were reaching out to people.  When I heard they were offering a $2,000.00 scholarship.  I prayed if it was Gods will for me to go to Bible School, He would open the door for me.  I always wanted to go to Bible School but never had been able to go.  I called in that same night and requested an application form, which came very promptly.  After completing all the requirements I submitted my application.

About six weeks later I received a voice-mail saying I had been accepted to River Bible Institute.  Halleluiah!  I was so happy at first but then I began to think that the voice-mail didn’t say I had received the scholarship, only that I had been accepted to the school, so the next day I called River Bible Institute and kept playing phone tag with the people I was trying to reach that afternoon.  The next morning I called the number back and the operator told me the number could not be completed as dialed, so, I tried about four or five times with the same results.

I called information and asked for the River Bible Institute telephone number in Tampa, Florida.  The information operator told me they had no such listing.  I told her I had used the same number yesterday with no problems.  She asked me if I wanted to speak to her supervisor and I replied yes.  He looked up the number on the computer and said the same thing.  I realized there was no sense in arguing with him so I hung up.  As soon as I hung up my mind took off like a rocket ship.  It started telling me this was a fly-by-night deal and it was a scam and the people had pulled the plug and had run off.

Finally I began to get ahold of myself and realized everything was in Gods hands and if He didn’t want me to go to Bible School it was ok with me, He knew what was best for me and I did not have to worry.  He would not let anything happen to me.  It was in His hands.  I got peace again and continued with my day’s plans. That afternoon I decided to call the same number again, just for grins.  The phone rang and the Institute operator said, “Good afternoon, River Bible Institute”.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had made contact just as it should have happened.

I told the lady my name and asked if I had received the scholarship.  She said, “Let me check”.  She came back on and said congratulations; you have received your scholarship.  Then I began to tell her what had happened previously that morning and as I was speaking to her I realized that satin was fighting me to keep me from coming to this school.  I told the lady, ma’am, God is going to be doing great work in me.  I now know because if it were not so, satan would not be fighting me so hard to keep me from coming there.  He is afraid.  Halleluiah!

As I meditated later on what had happened, I understood that this whole incident was to confirm to me by the Spirit that I was being sent to River Bible Institute by the Spirit.  If this had not happened I would have come to the school not really knowing by the Spirit I was in Gods will.  Because although initially I witnessed that what was going on at this Great Awakening was a good thing and I agreed with what I was seeing.

I still didn’t hear God say go.  Without this experience, later on I probably would have questioned whether or not this was just a good idea. This is my first testimony of River Bible Institute.  Since then God has revealed Himself in so many ways to me and we are experiencing Gods pouring out of His Holy Spirit on us here at the River.  May God Bless you all……

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