John H. Testimony

Many exciting things have been taking place. We had a guest here this week by the name of Dr. RE Anderson who had been preaching up a storm, giving us doctrinal truths that the Lord has revealed to him over the years. He taught us some amazing things! One was when the disciples were truly saved. Many think that it took place in Acts 2 in the upper room, but he says it there is scriptural evidence to prove that it took place in the book of John when the disciples confessed Jesus as Lord and He breathed upon them to receive the Holy Ghost. What an amazing teaching?! Something that was right there in my face all the time; it took him to bring revelation to me.

I had the privilege during this week to meet many awesome men and women of God from all over the world.; Pastors, Evangelists, and other leaders in the Body of Christ. It is amazing to see men and women of such stature, humble themselves and come and go out on the streets and be trained by people of “less qualifications”. This is truly a Great Awakening. The hearts of men are coming alive to the heart of God. No matter how great or low a person is in authority, everyone is coming together for one cause , to see souls come to Jesus, and see the Kingdom of God advance. This is where we belong because this is where the words of Jesus are being practiced! -John H

And God says a mother’s love, the world’s greatest mother’s love is just a shadow of my love to you because God goes on in verse 15 and he says, “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?” God says, “I’m gonna teach you a lesson about love”.

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