Nancy S. Testimony

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During the Great Awakening Meetings, On Tuesday I was on the prayer phone. Their were people calling and said that they have been praying for their families and friends for a long time. They made copies of the Gospel Script and led their family and friends to the Lord. This week I was at the gas station and led a young man to the Lord. He asked me What are you doing outside so late? I told him telling people about Jesus.

He said Are you for real? I said Yes. I gave him the Gospel Script and he said that he is going to tell someone about Jesus. I went to another gas station and I approach to a man. He was telling me that he helps young people and gets them off the streets. I proceed with the Gospel Script and he said the salvation prayer.

He wanted the Gospel Script so he can led his family and the young people. People are hungry and they’re grabbing a hold of what God is doing in their life and life of others. It’s so much fun to tell people about Jesus. -Nancy S

“Though she may forget (and it rarely happens as we’ve stated earlier) / will not forget you”.

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