Jeremy W. Testimony

Winter Camp Meeting week here at the River, what can I say? Wow! What an awesome experience to see people from all backgrounds and walks of life come together for the same purpose! To press into and hear from God the plan He has for us in this hour! What has been exciting to see is the teamwork, and the precision with which the team has worked together. I am beginning to realize even more phrases such as “there are no big I’s in the body of Christ”, or phrases such as “there are no islands in the body of Christ”.

We are part of each other! It is going to take the whole team in America and the world to do the job at hand! We must work together, and for the same purpose! The harvest is at hand, it will take everyone working together to fulfill this great task! Ephesians 4:16 now has new meaning. A joint is something that joins together, not separates! I am beginning to see how we must promote teamwork at all levels, from the pulpit ministries down to all others. I believe the current and future move of God in the earth will be in and through the people of God who have this attitude and who enforce it in their lives!

We cannot allow one member to suffer! We cannot allow one member to be weak! We must strengthen and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. If they are weak, so are we! If they suffer, so do we suffer also! Pastor Rodney has been teaching all week on the subject of the Anointing and I see more than ever the need for the increase in teamwork in order to be able to see an increase of the Anointing!  -Jeremy W.

But I want you to take your Bibles now and turn to Proverbs chapter 31. Proverbs 31 describes a mom and it will set the stage for the remainder of this study, of this lesson on mother love because we’re gonna find out that God has placed mother love in the hearts, in the lives of moms for a dynamic reason.

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