Valentina Testimony

This is my fifth month as an intern and thank God that I have made it this far! Working with the kids is amazing; I watch them grow in the things of God. For my first time as an intern I felt really stretched out in the past two weeks, but I thank God because at the end I didn’t really feel like I was so tired. During these last two weeks I learned flexibility. In my heart I was stressed out with how I was going to handle the schedule that was given to me. I have been here for three years and have never missed a camp meeting or ministers conference. When I saw my schedule and it showed I was supposed to serve every morning, my heart dropped.  I started thinking on it and before I realized it, sadness began to creep into my heart.  The Lord directed me to Psalm 100. As I was reading it, the words “serve the lord with gladness” came to me as a light bulb that has been turned on. I just felt all the burden and stress lift off me and I was so happy serving.  The Lord was also dealing with me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to get me out of what I always like to do or the way I like things to be. I was to be flexible and go with the flow of the river, am so thankful that I allowed God to use me during the camp meeting and the week after that. It was amazing! Thank you Lord for every opportunity given me to serve at the River.


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