William S. Testimony

My testimony may be small compared to others but it is very encouraging to me when I reflect on my past. I will start at the beginning before I was saved, forgiven, and on my way to heaven. I was raised in a small town and there was very little to do. In the eighth grade I began stealing prescription drugs from my grandfather. I won’t go into detail but the drugs I was using were powerful enough to knock out a herd of elephants. I also started drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual activity. Very many times I came close to death. For example I took a substantial amount of muscle relaxers and passed out and my friends had to beat me to get me conscious enough to go home.  This lifestyle of sin continued with very few dry spells and an ever increasing new variety of drugs and a higher tolerance level.

Last Christmas two weeks prior I took 4 dextromorphan and 3 vicodin. I headed off to school and that night me and my friends went somewhere about 30 miles away and ended up having an experience I could only compare to as a stroke. The after effects of this experience lasted roughly 2 to 3 months give or take. During that time however my life was changed because I finally became a true believer in Christ Jesus. During those months I had many assignments due including a 12 page paper. I couldn’t believe it but I got a “B” on that paper. Keep in mind I could barely speak in complete sentences. At the end of the year of going through hell, persecution, breaking a 10 month relationship off with an unbeliever, and ending many lifetime friendships, I graduated.

God chose a picture that all of the Israelites, that all of us can understand. God compared His love to a mother.

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